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Prima Kardashi Showers Medi Moore with Love Celebrating His Birthday


A city beautician and business woman , Prima Kardashi has showered south Africa based Socialite Medi Moore with the kind of love he has been missing over the years while celebrating his birthday.

Without a doubt,Prima Karadashi is head over heels deep in love with South Africa socialite Medi Moore.

This is proved by recent post she shared on her socials while celebrating Moore’s birthday.
“Happy birthday Lion🦁🥳🎈
Medi Moore Page,” Prima Kardashi captioned her socials with Moore photo.

Prima’s post has left people in speculation about the nature of their relationship with Medi Moore.

A few days ago,rumor had it that Prima had found a new in Medi Moore after they spotted enjoying good moments together and two have been leaving hints that they are into each other on social media.

The speculations were somewhat cemented when prima deleted Henrie’s photos off her instagram and this confirmed that she was ready to move into new relationship.

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Happy birthday Media Moore.

Medi Moore
Medi Moore

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