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Prima Kardashi Reveals Why She Denied Geosteady Access to See His Kids

Geosteady - Prima - kid

As singer Kigozi Hassan alias Geosteady still yearning to have access to see his two daughters, his ex- baby mama Ndagire Prima aka Prima Kardashi has some bad news for him.

During their daughter’s 7th birthday, Prima revealed that Geosteady has never extended any child support to them.

And that he even doesn’t know if they schooling neither doesn’t know how they sleep or eat that is why he can’t have access to see them.

She claimed that she is happy with her kids and new boyfriend Mr.Henrie Ranting that their step father Henrie has been good father to them.

That Geosteady should stop complaining because he has never played father role in their lives.

Few days back,Geosteady said that prima denied her access to see his daughters ever since they breakup that he last had time with them about two years back.

Prima Kardashi - Geosteady
Prima Kardashi – Geosteady

And that what hurts him most is that in public ,his ex – baby mama has never denied him the right to see his children yet it’s untrue.

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Geosteady and Prima’s relationship lasted for over six years and sired two daughters , Soraya and Solange kigozi but both moved on to new relationship.

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