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Prima Kardashi Responds to Peng Peng’s Humiliating Comments Over Her And Husband Henrie

Geosteady ex baby mama Prima Kardash has penned tough response to the humiliating message that Uganda – Sweden based blogger Peng peng published on her and husband Mr Henrie during his Facebook live.

Peng peng said that he should be allowed to be used by Prima that he should be man enough and tell Prima to let Soraye and Solange Kigozi even if their daddy Geosteady doesn’t extend support.

That he should give birth to his own kid with Prima instead of taking photos and organising birthday parties for Geosteady kids

Few months back,Mr Henrie said that when he started dating prima, he came step daddy to her two daughters that he cannot love the woman and not love her children.

In a rebattle post on her Facebook page, Prima captioned peng to stop attacking her and husband in his ugly live vides.

That her children doesn’t have any bias or negative information about their father that Geosteady chose not to see his kids.

“wabula peng stop attacking me in ur ugly live videos___ stop disrespecting me n my Partner.
My children dont have any bias or negative information about ther father. He chose not to see his kids___He chose not to be part of ther lives.
Am not a saddist to deny my children there rights even when u dont provide a grain.
I dont want my daughters to watch ur stupid lives in future that i denied them anything about there dad❗️
respect Me n my family kindly.”,She posted.

Peng Peng
Peng Peng

Prima came out few weeks and told Geosteady to stop complaining that he was denied to see his kids because he has never played father role in their lives. And that they are happy with their new daddy.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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