Prima Kardashi Opens Up About Bonking With Ex- Lover Geosteady




Socialite and Businesswoman Ndagire Prima alias Prima Kardashi has opened up about the rumor of   bonking again with her ex- lover Geosteady.

The rumor surfaced at the former couple seen hugging during singer Karole’s birthday Bash.

The mother of two refuted the rumor of bonking with former Geosteady during her recent interview with one of local radio station ,revealing that the two had worked out their issues for the the sake of their children that is why they reunited again.

Further added that there can’t be any chance of the two sharing a roof ever again ,let alone a bedsheet ,claiming that she moved ,she is only open to co- operating with him.

Geosteady recently converted to Islam after getting himself a new girlfriend and Prima also moved on and started dating Galaxy FM presenter Mr.Henrie .

Prima & Mr Henrie
KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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