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President Museveni Faults Uganda Police for Attempted Assassination of Gen Katumba


President Museveni has blamed the Uganda Police Force for the recent attempted assassination of his most trusted minister Gen Katumba Wamala.

The outgoing Works and Transport Minister’s car was shot at in Kisaasi by unknown gun men on Tuesday morning.

Gen Katumba survived with bullet injuries on his left arm and chest. Unfortunately his daughter Brenda Nantongo and driver Haruna Kayondo died instantly from the shots.

While addressing the nation on Friday afternoon, Museveni put the blame on the weakness of the Uganda Police Force as a body.

Museveni directed the Uganda police force to drop mobile phones and resume the use of radio calls in managing high levels of crime.

”The recent shooting of Gen Katumba Wamala by the usual actors who I called “Pigs” the other day, showed the poor organization of the police force. The camera I put in place did their work; why didn’t the camera Centre alert all the patrol cars? and even the UAVs,Henceforth, the police are directed to stop using mobile phones and go back to using radios that are open to all police stations so that they can respond promptly.” Museveni said.

He further revealed that security operatives headed by SFC, military police and CMI had told him that the gun that was used in Maj Kiggundu assassination is still the same gun that was used on Gen Katumba wamala.

It should be remembered that Kiggundu afformer ADF rebel member was sent to the creator by what Kayihura’s police said was elements within ADF who were hiding in kampala..

So far 4 have been arrested over Katumba’s failed assassination that claimed his daughter.

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