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Precious Reportedly Remmie Pregnant For Raymond


News reaching Celeb Patrol officers have relayed how Spark TV live wire show host, Precious Remmie is already pregnant for her new fiancee.

Of late, social media has been aflame with photos of Precious Remmie and her new boyfriend, Raymond in a luxurious engagement event.

As soon as Remmie went public about her affair with Raymond, his past lovers came out to narrate how Ray dumped them after dating them in a very short while, urging Remmiie to dump him ASAP.

Remmie however remained unmoved by the negativity and swore that she and Raymond were deeply in love with each other and is therefore not ready to let him go.

However, one of the ladies Raymond once dated who preferred anonymity disclosed how Remmie already carries Raymond’s child in her womb and that is why she accepted to marry him five months since they met.

Precious Remmie Engagement

Remmie also recently posted “This weight has a sponsor kuba banange.”

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Also going by the Remmie’s recent photos, her belly appears bigger and there is no way it could be food.

It should be noted that Remmie already has a son whose father she has never disclosed. He turns nine years this year.

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