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Precious Remmie’s Husband Raymond Dragged to Court Over Child Neglect By Ex – Lover

Latest info reaching our website indicating Precious Remmie’s husband Raymond Bindeeba has been dragged to the courts of law over child neglect by his ex- lover .

On documents seen by our website,Akuma Sophia sued Raymond to Family and Children court of Entebbe through her lawyers M/Kizito Lumu & Co.Advocates in court letter dated 5th ,April 2022.

Akumu claims that Raymond ignored all his parental responsibilities towards their daughter Shifra .

Adding that she solely resides and provides all necessaries for their daughter yet she is unemployed and having blood pressure problem.

Now she want Raymond to extend parental love ,care and support towards their daughter as we wait for court hearing on 3rd ,May 2022 at 12:Pm.

Should be remembered few days back,Akumu came and accused Raymond of neglect to a daughter they gave birth to about 13 a years ago .

In a YouTube interview, Akum explained that she met Bindeeba while still schooling in 2007 and they had a romantic relationship for about two years before getting pregnant in 2008.

By the time she gave birth to their daughter, Bindeeba had left for Sudan to seek greener pastures.

When the pair welcomed their baby girl, Bindeeba sent his sister to conduct a DNA test on the baby.

Akum further stressed that when the DNA results returned, she was not given the opportunity to see them.

She now wants Bindeeba to start taking care of their child and to foot her school fees plus everything that the girl needs.

court letter
court letter




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