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Precious Remmie’s Boyfriend Bindeeba Raymond Accused of Child Neglect By Ex- Lover Akum Sophia

Precious Remmie Kukyala

Spark TV and Galaxy FM presenter Precious Remmie’s new boyfriend Bindeeba Raymond has been put on by his ex- lover Akum Sophia over Child neglect accusations.

Sophia claims that she hooked up Raymond in 2007 when she was still in form 3 and had he ate her sumbie .

During that period he was using Mubangizi Benedict before changing it to Bindeeba Raymond.

That in 2008, she realized that she was pregnant for Raymond and later on she gave birth to baby girl by Akankwasa Shifrah who is now in secondary school. During the time of giving birth Raymond had gone to south Sudan for work.

When Raymond got to learn about Sophia giving birth ,he told her to take the Kid for DNA and sent his brother with her to prove the samples and was proved that kid belongs to him.

But since then he jammed to look after his child. It should be noted that ever since he introduced Remmie number of ladies came out accusing him of chewing their sumbies and dumped them.

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