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Precious Remmie Shares her Story on how She met her Fiance Raymond

Precious Remmie Engagement

Spark TV gossip presenter ,Remma Nakitto alias Precious Remmie has portrayed picture on how and when she hooked up her Fiance Raymond.

When their photos of engagement surfaced on social media ,many questions have raised whether couple will it together for awhile as revellers alleging that his fiance his player and married to different men.

Remmie who is not bothered about his dirty fiance vowed to love his mr ” cocktail ” until death parts them .Little did we know that she fell in love with Raymond at the first sight while they were on plane and that they have gone through a lot together ,Remmie revealed the secret .

“I and Raymond fell in love at the first sight while on a plane. I can tell you we have gone through a lot together and I am ready to settle. I love him it is all about him to disappoint me but I am not moved by the rumors making rounds on social media I know everything.” Precious Remmie explained.

Rumor has it that three weeks back Raymond proposed to his ex who is now pregnant with his first child.

It should be noted that Precious Remmie has never come out to show her official boyfriend. Raymond is the first man Precious Remmie has fronted despite blogs linking her to number of men .

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