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Pr. Bugingo Defends Himself After Snubbing Daughter’s Graduation

Pastor Bugingo - Daughter
House of prayer ministries lead pastor, Aloysius Bugingo could not endure the heavy criticisms hurled at him anymore for missing his daughter’s graduation.

Weeks ago, Treasure Bugingo a daughter whom the city pastor sired with his ex wife, Teddy Naluswa wrapped up her studies with a colourful graduation ceremony.

However, what angered most netizens was that Bugingo himself was not present at the ceremony. Critics wondered what kind of father would miss her daughter’s most important life achievement.

Teddy Naluswa, his former wife revealed that she wanted him to attend her daughter’s graduation but could not find any means of reaching him.

“I wanted him to attend Winnie’s graduation because nothing will ever change the fact that he is the biological father to her but he does not pick my calls. The last time I called him, he blocked me. I do not even know where he stays and he put fresh restrictions on me from entering his church and media premises.” Naluswa told a news website.

In defense, the Salt Media boss claimed that he was unaware of his daughter’s graduation ceremony before it took place.

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He however would have attended if he had been invited.

“Those asking me about Treasures graduation ceremony should know that I was unaware about it. Someone shared pictures in the WhatsApp group and I saw them. The last time I talked to her was about four months back.” he told the media

It should be noted that Treasure Bugingo chose to stay with her mum when her parents seoerated. This angered Bugingo who vowed to stop paying her tuition

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