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“Pr. Bugingo Cannot Re- Marry Legally Before Divorcing Teddy” – Lawyer Speaks Out


Public Interest Law Clinic Makerere University, Lawyer Veronica Kange has said that Pastor Aloysious Bugingo can not remarry legally before he officially divorces his ex wife Teddy Naluswa Bugingo.

Veronica explained that what Bugingo did, was a Kukyala which is not in any way against the law But what he cannot do is a church marriage before finalizing his divorce.

Because Suzan is a Muganda, we are supposed to go with Buganda Culture which recognizes Kwanjula as the marriage. A kukyala, in this case, does not constitute marriage, and therefore, no law is broken.”

“Because he (Bujingo) and his wife Teddy Naluswa had a church marriage, which by nature is monogamous, he can not legally re-marry yet until the divorce is final.”

Pastor Bugingo & Suzan Makula Introduction

It should be noted that Pastor Bugingo and his lover Suzan Makula held their ‘Kukyala’ ceremony in Kyebando with a few close friends and family.

Fans criticised the couple for officiating their relationship yet Teddy Naluswa is still in the picture.

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