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Pr. Andrew Jengo Unbothered by Nabbi Omukazi’s Sue Threats

Pr Jengo & Nabbi Omukazi

Pastor Augustine Yiga’s son and new ABS TV chief, Pastor Andrew Jengo is unshaken by Nabbi Omukazi’s threats to drag him to court.

Recently, Nabbi Omukazi issued ABS management a notice to sue, demanding the company to pay her 700M for using her voice to market the station.

The voice which goes ‘oli mukulaba ABS TV, ekuwunuza ebirowozo’, Nabbi Omukazi claims was used without her consent, prompting the development.

However, Pastor Andrew Jjengo is unshaken by these threats and is confident his legal team will deal with her.

“She is going to waste money and time. Our lawyers are handling the matter.” he claimed, while interacting on a local television interview.

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