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Police Speaks Out on Shooting at Barbie Kyagulanyi During her Charity Event


Police speaks out  on what transpired yesterday in Nakaseke during Barbie Kyagulanyi and other NUP leaders charity event.

It was alleged that  two journalist were shot and injured by police as they were dispersing the gathering.

But police through R/PRO Savannah ,ASP semwogerege Isah said that they used non lethal bullets and tear gas to disperse and trashed the allegations that two people were shot during the chaos.

Added that they advised MP and his entourage to coordinate the pop -up distribution with District Anti-Covid 19 task force of Nakaseke but refused instead mobilized their supporters in big numbers and enter the medical facility which against MOH guidelines on Covid-19.

Police full statement on yesterday Security Situation in Nakaseke:

This morning, the 26 August 2021, a team comprising of the area Member of Parliament of Nakaseke Central- Hon. Allan Mayanja, Ms Barbie Kyagulanyi and others had some items  which they wanted to donate to Kikamulo Health Centre III in Nakaseke.

As security, we advised the Hon. Member of Parliament and his entourage to coordinate the pop-up distribution with the  Distribution District Anti-Covid 19  task force of Nakaseke, at Butalangu who would then deliver the same to the health Centre.

The two refused to comply and instead mobilized their supporters who came in big numbers and entered the medical facility, contrary to the Ministry of Health guidelines on COVID-19.

This necessitated the use of non lethal crowd dispersal methods including tear gas to disperse the crowds.

Allegations that two people have been shot at is not true.



26 August 2021

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