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Police Shows Up To Rescue Embattled Keko


Over yesterday ,a video of the embattled Uganda Female rapper Jocelyn Tracy aka Keko seemingly in state of mental breakdown surfaced online.

Canadian police apparently showed up yesterday night to rescue her from the mess she’s undergoing attributed to drug abuse.

In the video our website landed on , a police officer is seen in keko’s room where she was recording series of instragram live videos.

With broken hair ,a pale and scaly skin and sipping on unknown substances and smoking.

She required immediate medical attention lest the situation becomes worse.

Close source revealed that she has been battling depression for the past 4 years and that is why she has been off the music scene .
Keko is one Ugandan talented female rapper who managed to stand out in a Ugandan male-dominated hip-hop industry who came out as gay after landing in Canada after leaving Uganda where she said that it was a burden to live in.

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