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Police Seals Off Balaam’s End of Year Music Concert

Reports coming in indicating that events promoter Balaam Barugahara’s end of year music concert was sealed off yesterday by police in it’s due course.

The show was organized at the Ntinda Primary School playground on Friday to celebrate the end of year

The personnel who comprised the Uganda Police and Military Police arrived at the venue at 9:45 pm after the show had begun and asked the revellers to leave. The show had been restricted to only 300 people including journalists, Musicians and bloggers. They were told to produce Covid-19 vaccination cards before they were allowed entry.

However, before the show was cancelled security agencies reporters observed violation of Standard Operating Procedures.

Balaam could be seen making several frantic phone calls in the presence of security personnel who insisted that the show should be called off. However, Balaam announced that the show had been cancelled allegedly due to noise complaints made by neighbours.

Security personnel stopped journalists from taking pictures of their interaction with Balaam and asked Daily Monitor journalist Stephen Otage to delete all pictures that he had taken. By the time the show was cancelled Sheeba Karungi and King Saha and Clever J had performed. Others like Big Eye, Nina Roz, Deejay Michael among others were yet to perform

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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