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Police Continue to Investigate Bebe Cool’s Attempted Shooting By Security Officer

Police continues investigating circumstances under which security officer identified as Captain Namara opened fire at local singer Moses Sali aka Bebe Cool.

Reports indicate that the incident occurred on the 19th of June in the parking yard of peer Lounge bar in Ntinda..

That the altercation arose after a minor accident.

According to information gathered indicates that while trying to get parking at the hang out ,the security Officer brushed Bebe Cool’s Vehicle which forced the latter to come out of the vehicle and disagreement surfaced.

According to Deputy PRO KMP, Asp Luke Owoyesigyire said that Police retrieved the CCTV footage and are reviewing the contents to establish whether a gun was drawn as alleged by “Wire Wire” singer .That police also looking into allegation of the physical exchange between the two parties which could have attracted other friends.

He further said that they have reached out to the singer and obtained his account of events and also managed to trace Captain Namara whom they found at Gemini medical centre and as soon as he stabilizes ,Police shall be able to record his Statement.

He advised drivers to always be extra careful while reacting to traffic incidents as emotions can put one’s life in danger .

Bebe Cool a few days ago,came out and revealed revealed that while waiting in his car for a food order to be delivered while at Pier One Bar and Lounge in Ntinda, his car was knocked from behind.

On getting out to see what was happening, he was faced with confrontation from a man who even pulled out his gun on him.

The singer says that the man was “high” but he was quickly disarmed before harming anyone and was immediately arrested.

However, upon reaching Ntinda police station, Bebe alleged that the man was rescued by other officers who allegedly stormed the station and put officers there on gunpoint before whisking him away.

We shall keep you updated once Police finish it’s investigations

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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