“Please Forgive My Daughter and Get Back Together” – Nina Roz’s Mothers Begs Daddy Andre




News reaching our website reportedly that musician Nina Kakunda Nina Roz’s mother mrs Lucy Mbabazi has went on her kneels and pledged to Daddy Andre to forgive her daughter if she wronged him and the couple gets back together in a happy marriage.

Reports have been making rounds on different platforms that Nina and Andrew Ojambo aka Andre’s romance hit the rocks and that the two were done.

Nina Roz and Daddy Andre.

In an exculsive a recorded phone call audio landed on by our website, Andre said when Nina Roz’s parents got to know about their separation her mother called Andre and begged him to forgive her daughter if she wronged him and the couple gets back in their happy marriage.

“When Nina’s parents got to know that I have left her at home, her mother called me and asked me to forgive her and we get back together and have a happy marriage” Andre said in phone call.

Andre went ahead and said Nina Roz was behaving like a celebrity at home of which he tried to explain to her parents but they failed to understand saying everything can be solved.

He explained that the “Enyonta” singer lied to him because he got to realize later that she did not want a serious relationship just like his ex lover Angella Katatumba.

“Nina Roz was just lying to me, I think she had not come for a serious relationship, just like you saw how Angella Katatumba played her game on me ts the same way Nina wanted to. She even got back to drugs I was very disappointed.”

Nina Roz and Daddy Andre.
The famous producer added that Nina Roz tried to pay different bloggers to defame him and talk about him as a woman beater.

“She also lied about me torturing her, she used bloggers but fortunately the bloggers she used know it very well I was in love and I had been sacrificing to help her in whatever to an extend I first put a stop on my personal programs.”

Sad Andre added that he will always be there for Nina as a friend despite all the heart break she has caused him.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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