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Pia Pounds Vows to ‘Give Ko’ MC Africa as Reward for Promoting Tupaate Song


‘Tupaate’ enthusiasts and lovers are imploring Tupaate singer, Pia Pounds, eal names Tracy Kirabo to reward MC Africa with bedroom snacks for promoting her ten month old song, Tupaate.

MC Africa is the man who has been singing Tupaate in every video he happens to be in, consequently making the song a hit.

This means that MC Africa is the primary reason the song is a success since Pounds released this song last year but only became a hit in June this year.

As reward, Pounds gave MC Africa some pounds and a brand new iPhone which he proudly showed off to whoever cared.

However, according to fans, material rewards are not enough for the self proclaimed emcee. Some bedroom snacks for him would do him miracles.

Fans are also sure that the emcee will be able to make her speak Aramaic out of the blue if rewarded with that something something.

However, the Tupaate hit maker regretted that she could not give him ko for reasons best known to herself. However, she would be glad to give him anything else within her power.

“I will give him alot but I won’t give him ko ” she said through a tweet.

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