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PHOTOS: Zari Hassan And Diamond Platinumz in Bed, Feared to be back Together

Socialite Zari Hassan has, ever since touching down Tanzania with her kids, Princess Tiffah and Nillah been under close media scrutiny and making headlines on gossip waves. Fans now conclude she is back in quotes with Diamond Platinumz.

As a final nail into the coffin, photos of Zari and Diamond have landed on social media, indicating a special chemistry between the two lovers, who had not seen each other for two years.

However, the millionaire maintains she can not go into yet another affair with  Diamond. But for the sake of her kids  who need both mother and father  parental love.


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“Whether I am gonna stay in the hotel or at his house, we are still co-parenting. Even if I stay at his house, it is not a must that you know.” Zari said after being quized on where she will be sleeping

“Others are even saying ooh we are back together. No, I am here for the kids and we are looking forward to having a good time with the kids that’s all. There is one thing about Africans, we don’t understand what co-parenting is. I can still come here even if he has someone else. Because this is my kid’s home regardless of what happened between us. ” Zari insisted.

Have a look, Seeing is believing.


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