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Photos : Is SMACK’s H.M Deodati Aliganyira a Gay? Shocking Secrets Revealed

Brother Deodati

Public was shocked on Monday evening following  photos allegedly of St. Mary’s College Kisubi – SMACK head master Brother Deodati Ariganyira surfaced online while in acts of homosexuality with fellow male teacher .

Alleged photos shared by blogger Fred Lumbuye shows Brother Deodati caught red-handed chewing fellow male teacher during his time as head teacher at St Edwards Bukuumi in Kakumiro District in certain lodge.

It should be noted that Deodati Aliganyira came to be known by many after suspending Robert Kyagulanyi’s son Solomon Kampala and was later shamed by the National Unity Platform principle during the school PTA meeting.

During the parents and teachers meeting at the school along Entebbe road, Kyagulanyi blasted the school headmaster, Brother Deodati Aganyira over continued mistreatment of his son at the school.

Kyagulanyi said his son was blocked from contesting from one of the prefect positions in the school over flimsy reasons.

“You told me that for a child to be a leader in this school, they must be an A student not an average student like my son. The second reason I was given for my son not running for leadership in this school is that students who are overly popular are not allowed to run for office in this school.  I was hurt because we all train our children to become leaders,” the visibly angry Kyagulanyi said on Saturday amidst support from a number of fellow parents who attended the meeting.

Kyagulanyi said he had on many occasions been told by his son that he was being targeted at the school noting that he had ignored the reports but noted it was too much for him to bear.

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According to Kyagulanyi, he had accepted to heed to the request by the school administration that he stays away from the school meetings to avoid attracting unnecessary attention but said he felt it was time to speak out.

Bobi wine also commented on the circumstances under which his son was suspended from school, noting that they had entered a “gentlemen’s agreement” for the matter not to be talked about in public but said he was astonished to see the same in the media.

Since the PTA meeting, things have not been going on well for SMACK Head Master brother Deodati Aliganyile.The photos which are still going viral on all social media platforms, SMACK and Brother Deodati Aliganyira have not yet to respond to the allegations.

Have a look at screen shots of photos here:





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