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Phoebe Nassolo in Bitter War with A close Friend Catherine Kusasira ,Exposes All her Dirty knickers


Singer Phoebe Nassolo has come out and bitterly expose her close friend and singer Catherine Kusasira she has referred to her as a loser ,exposing all her dirty knickers.

According ,to Nassolo she alleges that catherine Kusasira cheated the young people she tried to connect to her and that she was behind her recent arrest in connection to defrauding NRM artists through kusasira’s social media account.

Phoebe went a head to say that ,Kusasira is treacherous person who has been fighting her way back yet she is the one who brought into music industry and she one who also connected her to her current husband.

Angry catherine in her defence she also bitterly fired back to her saying that phoebe is a liar and that they had no such arrangement that she is just jealousy of her progress.
Kusasira added saying that Phoebe should stop drinking cheap waragi and focus on thing which contribute to her successful life rather than hating on other people’s success

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