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Patrick Salvado & Daphine Frankstock’s Beautiful Love Story, How Did they meet??

Daphine - Patrick Salvado

As we all know that Celebrity Couples never last long, it always ends in tears just as the common phrase has it these days. However it has not been the case with, prominent comedian Salvador Patrick Idringi and wife Daphine Frankstock as the couple has been together for more than eight years.

Today, we decided to look at beautiful light skinned beauty Daphine’s profile, how she met the man from Ombokolo, her life and career.

According to a story published by My Wedding,  Daphine Frankstock is the second born of six children, and the last born by her mother. Her father is half British and half Mutooro. She says that they are actually descendants of Sir Hesketh Bell, hence the British origin and name.

Although she was born in Dar-es-Salaam, she grew up in Kawempe with her mother and strongly considers herself Ugandan.

How she met Patrick Salvador:

Daphine met Salvador, whom she lovingly calls Pat seven years ago when she was in high school. He was then working with MTN and had just ventured into comedy. Many of her friends did not warm up to him at first, thinking he wanted to play around with her but he later gained their respect as a good hard working man.

“He is charming, intelligent, smart, loving, considerate, caring; and all this I saw on our 1st date,” Daphine reveals.

Patrick Salvador - Daphine Frankstock
Patrick Salvador – Daphine Frankstock

Daphine mothers three children with Salvador and runs several businesses in town including Urembo Herbal Products. She also co-owns Sheer Solutions Africa Ltd, a company that promotes comedy alongside Salvador, Tonny Mutengu and Zee Maseru.

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Daphine has a diploma in procurement at MUBS and recently graduated with a degree in Procurement and Supply Chain management from Makerere University, which she says she would never have achieved without the support of Salvador.

Although she went ahead to pursue business, her first love was to be an actress.

“I did acting for some time but had too much on my plate so I did not push it. But I’m so proud of myself and how my life turned out,” she shared.

Daphine has also been a vixen in one of Mun-G’s videos, which she explains she did because the artiste and her go far back as “Kalomates” (Village-mates), and not exactly because she wanted to pursue that as a career.

Daphne believes love is the greatest thing in life that it would be hard to imagine a world without it.

“As far as I know, falling in love is the greatest experience. To know that you have a partner and the two of you are willing to compromise and work together to become one is an amazing feeling,” she told Chimplyf in an interview, adding,”When you fall in love with someone and you grow together you are not just you and me anymore. You become us or we. I hope everyone at some point in their life gets to encounter that experience.”

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