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Pastor Manjeri’s Husband Speaks Out on their Marriage Saga


Pastor Irene Manjeri’s husband ,Dr .Vicent Katogole has come and shares his side of the story as to why his marriage with wife Irene Manjeri turned sour.

In an interview with fellow pastor in USA ,Dr Kantongole revealed he had officially divorced Manjeri and fell out with her many years back but when senior pastor made them to sit on round table to reconcile ,he accepted and returned back from USA to Uganda to stay with her because he had thought that she had changed her behaviours.

He claimed that Manjeri in church is different Manjeri at home that she used to treat him like slave ,closing him out of the gate and that he slept out of it like 12 times on her orders for returning back late from work.

She used to threaten him that she has connections in State house and IGP and she used to threaten him that they will round him up and kill him ,she even sleep with Ak-47 in the house.

“My friend, to separate with a wife is a personal issue and you do it for the good of a person. It’s true she was my wife, however, our marriage fell out many years back,” said Katongole.

Katongole was, however, tight-lipped about the allegations of him having three different women.

Manjeri and Katongole met in America about 27 years back, fell in love, and got married. They have three children together.

A few days ago Bethel Healing Centre Church senior pastor Irene Manjeri Katongole, came out and accused her husband Dr. Vincent Katongole, of cheating on her with three other

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