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Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga And Relatives Crush Over Property

Pastor Jackson Senyonga

Senior Pastor Christian Life Church, pastor Jackson Ssenyongo and his relatives are allegedly fighting over his late brother James Kakooza’s property.

According to one of his nephews identified as James Kityo accused Pastor Ssenyonga of trying to grab his late brother’s piece of land.

He said that Ssenyonga manipulated their grandmother and and took the land documents from her and were belonging to James Kakooza’s family.

Claiming that some documents which he took included land titles that belonged to his late brother James Kakooza.

However, attempts to get him to cough up the title have been futile. Kityo who is a son of the deceased revealed that they have numerously pleaded with the pastor for help but to no avail.

Different people are now trying to take over their land. They however can’t help themselves because the land title is not available yet Ssenyonga has refused to release it yet he can’t help them in any way.

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“Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga is the brother to my father the late James Kakooza. He is the caretaker of the land titles which he took after manipulating his auntie. He was however told they were our land titles. Despite efforts to get in touch with him and retrieve it, they have all failed. Besides our land is being grabbed. Electric poles are being planted in. Whenever we complain, they ask us for a land title so that we can be compensated but we don’t have it. Pastor Ssenyonga has continuously shunned us away. I wonder why a man of God would want to cling onto something he clearly knows is not his. Please just give us our title and let us help ourselves since you can’t help us,” Kityo the son of the deceased explained.

Florence Namakula, the widow of the deceased also raised an alarm about Ssenyonga’s conduct towards the family. She said they used to help Ssenyonga years back before he was rich.It is however such a shame now to see that he behaves in a way as if he doesn’t know them.

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