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Pastor Bugingo Attacks Kin Kariisa’s NBS TV For Tarnishing His Image


Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of prayer Ministries International ( HPMI) has attacked Kin Kariisa’s NBS TV for tarnishing his hard – built image.

While preaching at Makerere Kikoni on Sunday ,Pastor Bugingo expressed his disappointment at his fellow tribe mate ( Rwanda) Kin Kaliisa and his TV stations for making it habit and accuse him of things he has no knowledge about and subsequently damages his reputation and business.

He said that it was Kin Kaliisa’s TV stations and presenters that ignited stories of how his awarded degree at Kayuwa international university was fake.
Bugingo he was among the many students who were warded degrees, diploma at Kayuwa international University graduation ceremony which took place on 10th June 2022.

Bugingo further said that he want to meet up with Kin and ask him what wrong he did to him for always his media outlets to attack him and if he fails he will direct him to God to work on him.

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