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Pastor Andrew Jjengo on The Run Over 28.5M Debt

Kawaala- based Revival Church senior pastor Andrew Jjengo is on the run after failing to clear his debt worth 28.5 M he took from one of his former employee at ABS TV.

In an interview with Spark TV, Ms .Camilia, a former employee at ABS TV said that the debt Occured in 2023.That Jengo had ran out of money and reached out to her loan.

Pastor Jjengo was supposed to pay 3 million per mont after making the initial 13 million payment according to their payment schedule.

But, surprisingly Pastor Jjengo only paid Ugx 4m and then he began to play hide-and-seek and make hollow promises that he would pay off his debt as soon as possible.


Ms. Camilla alleges that the pastor didn’t live up to his promise, yet her kids are currently seated at home because of school fees.

Tearful Camilla called upon Minister Nabanja and traditional healer Mama Fiina, to get involved so she gets her money back.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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