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Pallaso Reveals Why He Parted Ways with His Former Manager Karma Ivien

Team Good Music has finally revealed to why he parted ways with his for his former manager Karma Ivien.

A few months ago,Pallaso fired Karma Ivien from his managerial team and this didn’t go down well with Ivien who later instructed his lawyers to take legal action against pallaso for breach of contract.

According to Karma ,real names Ivan Lubega said that they still have an ongoing contract with pallaso but he refused to cooperate with him.

However, after months of silent about the whole situation , Pallaso a few days ago while announcing dates and venue ,he decided to disclose to why he parted way with karma management.

He said that contract he had with Karma ,the manager was meant to earn from the booked shows as well as reinvest in the singer and his career.

However, a few months into their contract, the government declared a state of emergency and sent the country into a total lockdown because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

This was a heavy blow to the management income inflow. At this moment, Karma Ivien has stopped financing the singer’s musical endeavours after finding that he wasn’t earning as much as they planned, despite the singer’s appeals to his manager to carry out his tasks.

In Karma Ivien’s absence, Pallaso began to support his career, and he learned a lot about the profession.

Karma Ivien returned once the government lifted the ban on public gatherings and activities, but Pallaso couldn’t look back and decided to call it quits.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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