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“Opposition Shouldn’t Focus Only at Unseating Museveni to Cause Change in Uganda”- Ogenga Latigo



The former MP Agago North and Leader of Opposition Prof Morris Ogenga Latigo has said that in order to cause change in Uganda, the opposition should not only focus at unseating Museveni.

Latigo made this statement during an interview.
“I believe that if the opposition wants to cause change in Uganda their main focus should not be only on removing Museveni from power.” He said in a statement.

According to him, the main challenge for the NRM is misunderstanding the whole concept of peace and security.

“In times of conflict, you can be very proud that you ended the conflict and restore peace but you cannot give people peace”, He said.
“Beyond ending conflicts, you must provide leadership that binds people together and that makes people hopeful of tomorrow and that enables people to focus on progress.”, He added.

He further said that the NRM government took peace as some piece of ‘Ugaali’ that you can pick and give somebody who supports you or deny somebody who doesn’t support you which is not sustainable.

He also stated that Uganda doesn’t don’t need opposition unity in order to create change because change must come from the people.

“As long as the avenue for change is not there, when elections come and some NUP members get killed and the opposition doesn’t talk and then you want to talk after the election, you cannot get that opposition unity.”

“It will only be possible when our focus regardless of where political origins are, we converge, and then unity becomes an automatic thing. The unity that we built in creating FDC in 2005 was a genuine political unity.” He added.

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According to him, it was not about removing President Museveni and that is why FDC created a slogan ‘One Uganda, One People.

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