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Omumbejja Sheila Nvannungi Introduces Hubby in Private Introduction Ceremony

Former CBS FM presenter,Ombejja Sheila Nvannungi has made her relationship with hubby Kabode official.

Nvannungi introduced her concealed lover at her parents home in Wakiso district on Friday.

In a highly secretive introduction ceremony, the renowned radio personality and former Vision Group employee shocked many by revealing her other half after 8 good years of illegal bonking sessions.

Her guy who of the past had been known by many as Nvannungi’s brother given their too much closeness was identified as ‘Kabode’ and the madly in love entertainer thereby promising to forget about her reputation as a ‘Princess’ and love him unconditionally.

Actually, for matters best known to her, although most celebrities usually want their and introduction ceremonies publicized, Nvanungi decided to keep hers very private, reason why everything was done secretively.

Nvanungi shows off her engagement ring
It is not surprising that she has since decided to keep the identity of her fiancé a top secret, although our Moles are working round the clock to unearth him.

It should be recalled that Nvanungi was some time back very close to Prof. Bukenya to the extent that Moles say she usually camped at his Katomi Kingdom Resort Hotel to treat him to private entertainment sessions.

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KY Jamal
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