NUP’s MP Elect Busiro North on Police Hunt for Stealing Phone from Mobile Money




News coming in indicating that the Uganda Police force in Kampala Metropolitan is on the hunt for the NUP’s newly elected Member of Parliament for Busiro North Paul Nsubuga accused of stealing a Kabiriti phone loaded with mobile money worth UGX 4.5 million.

Nsubuga who contested on the National Unity Platform ticket defeated Dennis Galabuzi Ssozi (NRM) in the recently concluded parliamentary elections and among many politicians who benefited from NUP political wave which won many top positions mostly in central region and he is expected to swear in as new MP elect for Busiro North.

According to deputy police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire confirmed that Nsubuga was captured on CCTV camera taking off with a phone that belongs to a mobile agent in Kampala, an act which was described as shameful both to him and the party.

According to the agent, the matter was reported to the police but up to now nothing much has been done to ensure that he is brought to book. Adding that a complaint has been filed at police station and they looking for Nsubuga to answer the charges against him

“As I was serving him, the man (Nsubuga) entered the shop pretending to be one of our customers, holding a Nokia phone,he sat in that chair as we work upon him.We later deposited the money in his Mobile account, after he stood up and place a news paper on the Mobile Money phone that was on the table here.

As I was working upon another customer,I turned around only to realise that the Mobile Money phone has been taken.

He (Nsubuga) was captured on the CCTV camera stealing a phone loaded with mobile money worth Shs 4.5 million which was later withdrawn. If you happen to see the evidence, you can get convinced that he is the one,”he agent said.

However in telephone interview with one of top blogs ,Nsubuga rubbished accusations and claimed that he was in that area because he also owns a shop along the same street where that particular mobile money is located.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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