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“NUP Supporters didn’t Buy Bobi Wine’s Armored Car Because they are Broke” – Tamale Mirundi

Tamale Mirundi - Bobi Wine
Tamale Mirundi - Bobi Wine

Former Presidential Press secretary Tamale Mirundi has refuted claims that the car was gifted to the former presidential candidate by his party supporters

Speaking to the media, Tamale said that that there is no way NUP supporters could have raised over a billion to contribute to Bobi Wine’s bullet proof car reasoning that they are all jobless and broke .

Tamale adds that most of the singer Turned politician’s supporters are youths from the Ghetto who have no dime to their names.

He went further and revealed that the Armored Car was only bought by his foreign funders when he appealed to them that his life was in great danger.

Bobi Wine armored car
Bobi Wine armored car

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