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NRM’s Justine Lumumba Labels People Power Rioters ‘An Economic Threat’

National Resistance Movement Secretary General, Justine Kasule Lumumba has condemned the instigators of last week’s riots, calling them an economic threat that needs to be dealt with.

Speaking during a press brief yesterday, Justine explained that when people riot, innocent civilians like market vendors are affected most and paralyze their only means of survival.

“It was sabotaging the economy. When you riot, you are affecting the most innocent, the women who are selling tomatoes on the streets, women who are selling food to make ends meet; they are the ones who are affected the most.” she explained.

Lumumba also condemned those that attacked security forces, explaining that officers are servants and should be treated with respect since they sacrifice alot

“The people in uniform are our sons and daughters, who went to look for employment to serve this country. People in uniform who suffered the wrath of the rioters on behalf of the NRM party I must say sorry for what happened, but we condemn such actions”.

“As far as I know the people in charge of the state, they won’t look on as you sabotage the economy, because it is the responsibility of the NRM party or government to protect Ugandans and their property,”  the Secretary General added.

After the press brief, she was surprised by a group of young men who gifted her a birthday cake. She was joined by notable NRM big wigs as she added another year.

Justine Lumumba celebrates Birthday

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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