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Nobert Mao Exposed for Chewing a Married Woman, Her Husband Speaks Out

Through a video clip released by the heart broken Nicholas, he says that Democratic Party (DP) president Nobert Mao has been worrying close to his wife Beatrice for a long time whenever he’s going for campaigns yet there are other women in the party asking him to use them instead of his wife.

Beatrice Kayanja’s husband Nicholas Kayanja has begged Presidential Candidate Nobert Mao to distance himself from her.

He says that their closeness has caused much disrespect for his marriage and himself.

He said this in a short video clip recorded purposely for Mao.

“My problem is that Norbert Mao does not want to leave my wife, Whenever he is going for campaigns, he wants to go and headline her painting a picture that my wife is his. This brings disrespect upon my marriage, family and friends . People call me and ask what happened between us and what is going on. I sometimes hear rumours. Norbert Mao I’m begging you, leave my wife alone. Your party has enough women, sometimes move with other women and give mine some gap,” Kayanja said.

Watch his Video Clip Below:

Sean Musa Carter
Sean Musa Carter
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