Nina Roz Opens Up on Her Relationship Status with Daddy Andre




A few weeks back, reports surfaced that singer Nina Roz and music producer Daddy Ander are back together ,but Nina has clarified about her current relationship status with ex- lover Daddy Andre.

During her recent interview with one of local TV station, Nina was asked her affair status with Andre, she revealed that she would respond to it when the right time comes but not now.

The singer who looked to be broken muted about the name Andre and her love issues with him during the interview.

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“I am not here to talk about that matter today.I am here to talk about women and gender equality plus my music career. And when I’m ready i will open up about everything”, Nina said.

It is alleged that Andre,is eyeing USA based artist Shakira even though the couple still denies their relationship.

Shakirah - Andre
Shakirah – Andre

Sources revealed us that Andre left Nina in their old Nayala apartments and shifted to new house.

Nina ‘s response left revellers wondering weather Nina and Andre reunion is a myth as many blogs reported.

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