New Details Emerge to why Pallaso and Sheebah Fall Out ,Find Out




According to singer Pius Mayanja popularly known as Pallaso, claims that he fell out with fellow singer Sheebah Karungi because they connected at first sight, recorded a few songs under Team No Sleep only to realize later that they didn’t know each other at all.

One of their most known music collaborations is “Go Down Low” that they released over 5 years ago and even got endorsed by Jamaican music icon Shaggy.

However their fall out shortly after was hard to miss by the public given they always hang out together and shared photos on social media. And that suddenly ceased. Pallaso says the last time they met was at a television station where they only said ‘happy new year’ to each other.

“We connected too fast but we didn’t know each other well. I was from the United States, she is from here. We did great music and even some of our hits were done when I was there and she was here,” he said.

He has not ruled out mending their friendship as much as they don’t talk anymore stating that friendship is a two-way street and therefore, perhaps later when their careers have slowed down, they might just become friends again.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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