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NBS Katchup’s Catherine Nagawa On Spot After S3x Tape Leaks

Catherine Nagawa
Catherine Nagawa

It looks like this year’s lockdown is taking things too far as s3x tapes and n@des continue to leak here and there like rain.

The most recent one is a s3x tape allegedly belonging to reknown NBS Katchup dance queen, Catherine Nagawa which is currently the talk of everyone on social media.

The tape, whiich is being shared through several telegram and WhatsApp groups clearly shows a girl, closely resembling Nagawa engrossed in action.

The tape has made several netizens burst in tongues as they praise Nagawa for her bedminton skills.

The tape comes only hours since media was aflame with NTV journalist, Kabuura’s n@des cheating on his wife.

Nagawa, it should be noted came into the limelight during the first lockdown where she became the chief dancer for the NBS Katchup show.

However, Nagawa shared a screenshot of a phone number on her Twitter account and revealed how someone using it is impersonating her.

“Goodevening everyone, it has come to my attention that someone is impersonating me and spreading false things around. Don’t allow yourself to be scammed.”

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