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Nana Genius Drops ‘Bindeba’ New Song About Challenges of Real Life

Afro-Dancehall artiste Nana Genius, previously known as Ganja Nana is back with another brand new song called ‘Bindeba’ through which he spills bitter reality and how one should over come their troubles.

Bindeba is a Runyankole word which means ‘They can see me’ and in this new song Nana Genius sings about life challenges and how problems always find away of finding him.

Even though many have related this song to TV presenter Precious Remmy’s husband Raymond Bindeba, speaking to Nana he has distanced himself from the whole saga.

Saying that this song has nothing to do with Raymond and Remmy’s fight, he ensured this website that he recorded this song months ago.

“No, my song is not about that couple, I recorded it so many months ago because of the harsh reality of life, I was going through alot and I was sure so many people could also relate to it”- Genius told us.

Bindeba audio was produced by Boltmar of Bolt Lion pro and the visuals will also be out soon.

Download audio below:

Listen to it below:

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Khina Murah
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