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Nalongo Sheilah Don Zella Speaks Out About Reuniting With Big Eye Starboss

Socialite Sheilah Nadete aka Nalongo Sheilah Don Zella has finally addressed ongoing speculations of her possible reunion with baby daddy and singer Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big Eye Starboss .

Since breaking up in 2015, Don Zella and Big Eye have treated us with un ending drama in regards to their marital affair as Don Zella accused Big Eye of using and dumping her like chewing gum .

Recently ,Don Zella Publicly told Big Eye that he was not the father of her children Britton.

However last year in January ,Big Eye met with Don Zella ‘s children and had dinner with them and of recent Don Zella posted video while jamming on Big Eye’s new song ‘ Husband Material’ and netizens started speculating possible chance of Don Zella reignite romances with Big Eye.

When Don Zella was asked about in her recent interview ,she said that Big Eye ‘s place in her heart has never been removed that no has ever used his bed .

“Big Eye is family… He is family to me. His place in my heart has never been removed. No one has ever used his bed. Husband material. Wife material, that’s it,” Don Zellasaid in a video seen by this website

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