“My Relationship with Sasha Brighton was never serious, she was just a side dish” – Herbert Shonga




Socialite Herbert Shonga has continued to break Singer Sasha Brighton’s heart after he revealed that their relationship was never serious and that she was just a side dish whose role was to only make sure his “little man” is satisfied.

He also took the blame for being responsible for his failed marriage Dorothy Shonga.

Herbert and Dorothy were married for over 15 years and divorced in the year 2019 after Dorothy accused Herbert for sleeping with almost every slay queen in Kampala.

During an interview with the media, Herbert Shonga revealed that he was the reason why his marriage ended explaining that it was all because their he over exposed their marriage on social media.

“I think the mistake I made was to put my relationship in the media. That was the greatest blunder. Marriage becomes hard when matters are in the spotlight,” Herbert Shonga said.

Herbert Shonga - Dorothy Shonga
Herbert Shonga – Dorothy Shonga

And about his relationship with singer Sasha Brighton, Shonga said that the singer was just his side dish and it was never too serious like people thought.

“I was never in love with Sasha Brighton, it was just an affair developed out of our business but it wasn’t a serious relationship as many took it. She was just my side chick,” he mentioned.

However, Sasha Brighton seems to have found true love after sharing a photo of her posing with an unkown dude on her social media platforms.

Sasha Brighton - New Boyfriend
Sasha Brighton – New Boyfriend
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