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“My Re-Union with Diamond Platnumz is Impossible” – Zari Hassan

South African millionaire and socialite, Zari Hassan has revealed why she can not re unite with ex husband, Diamond Platnumz.

Having left Tanzania after a brief visit, Zari took to her social media to respond to fans who wanted to know the why and wherefore of her continued evasion of the Tanzanian based musician.

The mother of five explained that Diamond will find someone who he will settle with since he is doing well music and father-wise.

“If he finds someone who is gonna settle him down, someone who is going to grow him, for I see he is doing well even in music and as a father, I think everyone is gonna be happy,” Zari said.

Diamond – Zari Hassan

She further elaborated that she is a far independent woman who can take care of herself. A reunion or marriage with Diamond or any other man is therefore unnecessary.

“Honestly speaking right now no. I am at a point where I feel very independent, I can do anything I want. Most of the times when people marry, they do so for security. For some they just need someone to grow old with. For me at this point, marriage is not on my mind. I just need a life partner,” Zari said, while posting on Instagram.

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