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“My Husband Wants to kill Me” – Pr. Irene Manjeri Cries Out


Renown city pastor, Irene Manjeri is living in fear for her life after learning of her husband’s alleged plot to end her life and marry another woman.

A few days ago, the wealthy Bethel healing centre founder came out to  complain of her longtime husband, Katongole Vicent’s constant cheating on her.

In a recent interview with Spark TV, the powerful pastor revealed that her husband is not only cheating but also is planning to murder her in cold blood so that he can marry another woman next year .

“News reached me that he is planning to marry her u have protected myself for almost ten years which has resulted in him even hiring goons to kill me so that he can go ahead and marry that woman. But it doesn’t need to kill me because what matters is him getting someone’s and they settle. I don’t have any problem with that.”she said.

“I can’t sleep where there is no olive. I don’t remember the last time I slept in a house without an AN 47 for protection.” Manjeri added bitterly.

She revealed that she has no problem him getting married but she hit hard at Katongole for wasting her life since at 51, she can no longer give birth for someone who wants to marry her

“If he wants to marry next year it is not bad but I have been a blessing to his family, I came with blessings and wealth as you have all seen. I didn’t find him the way he is now. Let others now enjoy the things I worked hard for. He wasted my years because at 51, even if a man says he wants to marry me I  get embarrassed because I will be wasting his time since I can give birth anymore.” she added

Manjeri however believes she will be remembered as someone who stood and followed the right path since she has never cheated on her husband for fear of contracting HIV

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“But they will remember me as someone who became born again and walked in the right path and avoided cheating because I don’t like it and I think that’s why I’m taken advantage of. I don’t like cheating because I fear HIV even though I’ve prayed for many people and they healed, ” Manjeri said

On his part, Katongole believes his marriage with Manjeri expired long time ago

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