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My Family Did Everything to Sabotage my Progress ” – Lydia Mariam

Lady Mariam known for her hit song ” Tindatine” has come to disclose how her family did everything possible to sabotage her progress .

Lady Mariam was the first newcomer on Uganda mainstream stage from the western region of the country at the time .

She had a nice time ,but as the saying goes ,getting to the top is often easy ,but staying there is tough, it was the same case with Lady Mariam .

While appearing for her on recent interview on NTV Mwasuze Mutya, Lady Mariam said that initially she wanted to build her own empire ,so she decided to use her savings to build a house for herself and even family house in Kabwohe.

But some of her family were not pleased with her idea and they decided to foil her career by doing everything to put her down.

“I wanted to build my own empire so I decided to use my savings to build a house for myself and my family in Kabwohe but my family members were not happy. My success angered them and they did everything to sabotage my progress,” she said.

Lady Mariam & Faridah Nakazibwe

She further said that she is still into active music but she lack person to invest in her career because the industry has resolved alot .

“I have never given music a break at any point like many people think.I still sing and only lack that one person to invest in my career because the industry has revolved alot . -Lady Mariam added.

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KY Jamal
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