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“My Doctors Advised me to Get an Organ From a Family Member” – Evelyn Lagu On why she Chose Son’s Kidney

Ailing singer and actress Evelyn Langu has explained why she needs her son’s kidney to be donated to her so as to save her life. She says that it was her doctor’s idea.

While appearing on “Mwasuze mutya” show with Faridah Nakazibwe, the singer said that she is still looking around for a kidney but her doctors advised her to get an organ from a family member, one with whom she shares blood.

“So many have come out to donate their kidney and we are currently carrying out different check ups. Though the doctor advised that it’s better to get a donation from a family member,” She revealed.

Lagu also responded to social media critics over allowing her own son to donate an organ, she said that they do not know anything about a Kidney transplant because if they knew, they would not judge her.

The “Kasita bakuleka” singer also responded to her ex husband’s hate speech regarding their son’s kidney saying that he has no right to intervene in their decisions because he has been an absent father in their son’s life.

Evelyn Lagu & son
Evelyn Lagu & son

“People know nothing about the transplant, they just talk any howly, no one in this world loves my son more than i do, i am his mother and our bond is so strong. In fact my son Fred told me not to tell any one abour the transplant because he knew every one would judge me. My son and i are so close to each other, his father has no right to intervene whatsoever.”

It should be noted that Lagu’s ex husband disagreed with her decision of allowing their son to offer her kidney and save her life saying that it will put him in great danger yet he has a whole life ahead of him.

Evelyn Lagu
Evelyn Lagu

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Khina Murah
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