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Muslims Holy Ramadan to Start On Saturday

Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa,

The Muslims across the globe are set to start their holy month of fasting commonly known as Ramadan a month after Christians began the Lent season.

Ramadan, which is expected to commence today Saturday 2 April 2022 depending on the sighting of the crescent moon, is in fulfillment of the third pillar of the Islamic faith.

The acting director for sharia at Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa, whose office is mandated to announce the start of fasting, has urged Muslims to use the fasting period to repent and forgive those who wronged them.

“As human beings, we are bound to make mistakes. This is the time to forgive each other, ask for Allah’s forgiveness and go forward,” he said on Friday.

According to Sheikh Abdul Hamid Kaggwa of Masjid Qubaa Namagoma in Kyengera Town Council, the holy month is full of blessings, which every Muslim should look forward to.

“This is an opportune moment for any believer to reflect on what they are not doing well spiritually, and reform. After this month, such a chance may not be there,” he said and Sheik urged Muslims to help those in need during this period.

According to Sheikh Kaggwa, the month of Ramadan is the basis upon which the other pillars (believing in one God, performing five daily prayers, helping the needy and performing Hajj) are balanced.

“This is why it is a special period and whatever good deeds we perform, the rewards are multiplied many times unlike during other months of the year,” he added.

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Sheikh Muhammad Galabuzi, the newly appointed Supreme Mufti of Kibuli faction, urged Muslims to respect the period.

“I urge Muslims to use this period to strengthen their spirituality as well as praying for the increasing cases of immorality to reduce,” he said.

It should be noted that the Muslim fasting is based on a special calendar [Lunar calendar] which is about 11 days shorter than the widely used solar calendar and it begins when a thin crescent moon is sighted in the sky after sunset within a day or so after the new moon.



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