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Musicians Spice Diana & Nince Henry Reportedly B0nking, Sources Reveal

Fresh news coming in from reliable sources indicates that Musicians Spice Diana and Nince Henry Sekyanzi are currently bonking countless times.

According to our reliable sources, the two celebrities have been seeing each other for some time now and they now feel like its high time they came out and reveal the news to their fans.

Recently, the “Kwata wano” singer took to her social media platforms after getting fed up of chewing Nince Henry in secret, and shared an encrypted message about Nince Henry.

It read: ““ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.We have kept this in the dark for long and it’s painful. I have a family that needs to know.”

No one seemed to understand what exactly the singer meant but sources have intimated to us that Spice Diana meant that she is tired of being kept a secret by Nince Henry yet they have dated for some time now and she feels that its time they come out.

Spice Diana and Mboso
Spice Diana and Mboso

Revealing that the wait has subjected her to unbearable pains, the ‘Jangu ondabe’ singer pleaded her ‘secret lover’ to come out now and make it official or else she would throw in the towel she is not concerned that it wont end in tears after legalizing it.

“Even my fans would like to know where I stand in this regard Henry. Yes . Nince Henry It’s time we come out. It’s now or never. Iam tired. Byebyo,” Spice Diana.

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Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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