Musicians Jose Chameleone And Bebe Cool Advised Ugandans To Avoid Tainting Music Industry with Hatred in Politics




Over the weekend while performing at collins Hotel Mukono, musicians Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool came out  advised Ugandans to stop mixing politics in the music industry

A few days back, musicians Big Eye Starboss and Catherine Kusasira where chased away from the funeral of the deceased father of fellow singer Mathias Walukagga by NUP supporters given their politics belief.

While speaking during the performance chameleone said to the revelers that music is an art that unites and brings together people of denominations.Adding that divisions based on  people’s beliefs are uncalled for.

For Bebe Cool, he claimed that Campaigns ended over a year ago and president Museveni won. That its high time for people to concentrate on working to sustain their families.

Adding that it is unfortunate that people who drag others into political demonstrations are earning chunks of money from the government and they are very comfortable.

“Instead of asking you to work and improve your standards of living, they are instead calling upon you to engage in unproductive demonstrations! Kindly resist their selfish calls,” he said.

Chameleon said Bebe Cool helped him to grow his talent at the tender stage but because of differences in political affiliations, they had stopped showing each other love and respect.

He said he respects Bebe Cool and other Ugandan artists who have worked so hard to raise the banner of Ugandan music.

“I am calling upon the government to respect and protect people’s talents. It should also give artists a conducive working environment like it’s done in other countries. We raise Uganda’s flag high not only in Uganda but also in outside countries,” chameleone said




















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