Musician Mesach Semakula’s Son Derrick Ssebunya Survives Nasty Car Accident




Sad news Reaching our website indicating that celebrated band Musician and long serving member of Golden Band Mesach Semakula’s eldest Son Derrick Ssebunya, Survived nasty car accident few days back.

Reliable sources told us that incident happened after Ssebunya was on his way to Papa’s Spot, his father’s bar and restaurant for his day to day duties at the spot.

Our snoops revealed to us that Ssebunya spent four days in hospital unable to talk but he was discharged early this week. The source further added that the artiste son’s legs are still paralysed but he is able to speak, albeit but with some difficulty.

Ssebunya has been helping out at Papa’s Spot and he played a big role during Evelyn Lagu’s fundraising drive recently.

Derrick and Semakula.

Ssebunya was also in the news after Dembe FM’s Bina Babie posted a photo of them together and feelings sad and sorry for him with the caption “I wish I was 10 years younger.”

We pray for his quick recovery .

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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