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Music Producer Eddie Dee Thrown Out of Rental Over Accumulated Arrears


City music producer Eddie Dee of Action records is currently homeless after his landlord threw him out of his rental over accumulated rental arrears .

According to his landlord,Eddie Dee must pay cash amounting to 4 Millions Shillings for the period he has spent staying in his house that is why he locked him outside.

When Eddie Dee was asked why he failed to pay rent for a full year yet he works for established artists, he disclosed that he has been working with most of them on a gentleman’s agreement and they’ve later failed to pay him.

Eddy Dee who was found lying on his veranda called out Pallaso, Feffe Bussi, Ziza Bafana and other artists who didn’t complete their payments to raise to the occasion and clear their debt so that he can pay his landlord.

Eddie Dee is not the first producer to be thrown out of rental, a few days ago, Producer Ian pro was also reported to be thrown out of his Muzigo over rent arrears.

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