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Mukono Health officials call for Sex Education Due to High Rate Teenage Pregnancies


Mukono health officials have called for the expeditious adaption of sexuality education in schools due to increasing number of teenage pregnancies.

According to Dr. Stephen Mulindwa, the Mukono District Health Officer, the number of teenage pregnancies in the district has continued rising despite the end of the lockdown.

He also revealed that 10 out of 100 clients showing up for antenatal services at major health facilities including Mukono General Hospital, Kojja, Nakifuma, and Goma health center IV are teenage mothers.
4 out of 10 deaths resulting from birth complications involve teenage mothers, he said.

“formal sexuality education in schools that promotes instruction about healthy sexual decision-making and sexually transmitted infections together with HIV/AIDS prevention can improve the health and well-being of adolescents and young adults, he added.

The government shelved the talk about sexuality education in schools in 2016 when the gender ministry discovered inappropriate sexual reproductive literature including topics on sexual orientation in more than 100 schools.

Mulindwa proposes that medical workers take on the initiative to guide the learners to delay sexual intercourse, reduce the number of sexual partners, and appropriate use of contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancies and infections.

Dr. Isaac Ddumba also notes that medical workers especially pediatricians can introduce issues of physical, cognitive, and psychosexual development to parents and their children in early childhood.
Sharing such information can help overcome barriers to discussing sexual development among children, adolescents, and parents, he noted.

The Ministry of Education in May 2018 introduced framework for sexuality education termed National Sexuality Education Framework-NSEF to educate and provide sexuality information and skills in the formal education setting, which respects Ugandas cultural values.

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However, it triggered protests from religious leaders and institutions as they claimed that some provisions of the policy will promote sexual immorality among the learners and destroy the core religious and family values.

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