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Muhoozi Deploys Over 100 SFC Officers in Mawogola North Towards Election Dates

Muhoozi commanding SFC
Muhoozi commanding SFC

Mawogola North Consistency in Sembabule District is one of the hotly-contested constituencies in the upcoming general elections. Shartsi Kuteesa Musherure, the daughter to Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kuteesa is going head to head with Aine Godfrey Kaguta Sodo, who is a younger brother to H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to find out who will represent the consistency in Parliament.

The two bitter flanks failed to agree on who should opt out of the race to leave the other so as to avoid friction between the two powerful families.

This made the President to intervene and he, therefore, advised both candidates to go head-to-head in the race so as the voters can choose who their Member of Parliament will be. He, however, cautioned both parties not to dare employ state resources like the army or police in their personal battle.

On this day, news coming in indicates that Shartsi Kuteesa’s camp, headed by her dad Sam Kuteesa, with help from the Commander in charge of Special Forces Command [SFC], General Muhoozi Kainerugaba have deployed over 100 SFC soldiers dressed in civilian wear.

This is totally against the president’s memo of not using any state resources in their campaigns.
Information from the ground indicates that the deployed civilian-dressed SFC soldiers move around Mawogola North in a number of cars, but most notably is a Toyota Premio with registration number plate UBF 029T.

To make matters even worse, these SFC soldiers are dressed in Sodo T-shirts and drive around in the night while giving out FAKE MONEY to the electorate of Mawogola North, telling them it is Sodo who has given them the money.

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This is a move to make Sodo hated by the electorate of Mawogola North on grounds that he gave them FAKE MONEY, and hence end up not voting for him.

It should be noted that Muhoozi Kainerugaba is Sam Kuteesa’s son-in-law. So this could be the reason why he is throwing in his whole weight to make sure his sister-in-law  wins the elections and gets to Parliament. This being evidenced by his deployment of SFC troopers to cause havoc.
But, despite all the dirty games being played by the rival team, Aine Godfrey Kaguta Sodo is still strong and vows to win next week’s election no matter what is thrown his way.

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